Why Speaker Cables Are Unshielded

Here’s Why Speaker Cables Don’t Need Shielding

Shielding, the inner wrapping (may be stranded or braided) found in many cables like mic cable and video cables to resist outside interference is not needed with speaker cable.

Amplifers use speaker cables to energize speakers at low impedance (resistance) typically 8, 4 or even 2 ohms. Because of this low resistance to the flow of electrons, the signal carried in these cables is essentially immunme from resistance like RFI or EMI.

This means that the size of the speaker cable (as measured in “gauge” ) and the quality of the cable material (stranded copper) is of much more importance than any shielding material that might reduce interference from outside sources.

This lack of need for shielding reduces the weight of the speaker cable and the cost to produce it.

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