Speakon NL4 Connector Standards

Speakon NL4 Connectors Set The Standard

We get asked almost every day about how Speakon cable connectors are wired. The question is understandable, since this is an area where there is much confusion and incomplete information.

Three versions of the NL series speaker connector exist, and you can find out more about those here. Confusion comes from many manufacturers choosing to use the NL4 style connector (4 poles) in applications where only two conductors are needed.  This has led to a sort of “de facto” standardization based on the fact that the Speakon standard has been slowly accepted amplifier and speaker cabinet makers.

Use of “cross compatible” two and four pole connectors allow the same standard to work for “mono-amped” and “bi-amped” speakers. The change is made internally in the cabinet without having to replace the connector.

Speaker cables equipped with Speakon connectors from buyspeakercable.com all use the NL4 standard connector, but are made with two conductor cable.

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