Speakon Connector Mating

Not All Speakon Connectors Are Designed To Work Together. Here’s How They Match Up.

Speakon Connectors for speaker cables

FC-Cable Mount-mounts on either end of a speaker cable

MP-Panel Mount-mounts on an amplifier, speaker cable or patch panel

NL*- * indicates number of contacts on connector

NL2FC-Cable Mount Mates with NL4MP and NL2MP-Panel Mount
NL4FC-Cable Mount Mates with NLMP-Panel Mount
NL8FC-Cable Mount Mates with NLMR-Panel Mount
NL2MP-Panel Mount Mates with NL2FC-Cable Mount
NL4MP-Panel Mount Mates with NL4FC and NL2FC-Cable Mount
NL8MPR-Panel Mount Mates with NL8FC-Cable Mount

All Mitee Speakon Equipped Speaker cables use NL4FC Connectors with 2 conductor cable

Pin 1+ and Pin 1- are used and Pin 2+ and Pin 2- are not used

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