Speaker Cable Care

A Properly Cared For Speaker Cable Can Last For Many Years

Here are a few tips to keep your speaker cables in top condition.

1. Always correctly coil the cable.

2. Always remove tape adhesive and dirt from speaker cables before storing them. Need to remove tape goo?

3. Make sure your cables are dry when you store them.

4. When storing cables for long periods of time, keep them out of direct sunlight. UV rays will gradually break down the jacket.

5. Keep the connectors clean. Quarter inch speaker cable connectors should be wiped with a clean cloth periodically to prevent oxidation.

6. Use proper strain relief. When using Speakon connectors, make sure that the internal strain relief collar is properly installed.

7. Never knot speaker cables. Try Velcro One Wrap Straps or tie line to secure the ends of your speaker cables.

8. Always use a speaker cable of the proper gauge. Using undersized speaker cables can damage your amplifier.

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