Pro Vs. Home Cables

Home Audio Cables Differ From The Ones Used For Pro Audio-Here’s How

1. Connectors

Home audio systems are not designed to be set up and torn down day after day, and may use a connector system as simple as screw down binding posts.

Pro sound systems need a durable connector like a Speakon which can be quickly and correctly hooked up without damage to the speaker or the amplifier.

2. Cable

Home audio systems normally use lower power amplifiers and shorter cable runs. In both instances a smaller gauge cable can be safely used.

Pro sound systems may use high power amplifers which calls for heavier gauge cable to deliver maximum power to the speakers. Long speaker cable runs may also make larger gauge cable a necessity.

3. Cable Jacket

Home audio system speaker cables are not subjected to abrasion or hostile envirioments and a thin walled jacke is usually adequate.

Pro sound system speaker cables feature thick but flexible rubber jackets that can withstand heavy use and abuse for extended periods of time, including outdoor use.

4. Coilability

Since home audio system speaker cables are normally left in place for a long time and not moved from place to place, they are made of untwisted conductors which will lay flat on the floor but are difficult to coil.

Pro sound system speaker cables need to be neatly stored when not in use. They feature conductors made of many pairs of twisted light gauge conductors which will neatly coil and uncoil when properly handled. is your source for pro quality speaker and audio cables.
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