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Speakon Connectors Are The Newest Idea in Connectors For Speaker Cables

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Originally designed by the Neutrik Company, Speakon Connectors have become the new standard for professional quality speaker cables. Designed in two, four and eight conductor models, these innovative speaker cable connectors can be used for mono, bi-amped, or tri-pamped speaker systems.

Speaker cables using this system feature male connectors with recessed contacts on both ends of the cable, designed to mate with female connectors that are installed in speaker cabinets and amplifier racks.

Speakon connectors feature a simple “twist and click” hook up which can’t be disconnected without pressing a spring loaded release tab. No accidental disconnects and no need for temporarily securing the speaker cable to the speaker cabinet.

Speaker cables using the Speakon connector can be linked together using a simple coupler that features a female Speakon on both ends.

Seismiic Audio Speakon connectors are 100% compatible with the original Neutrik Speakon connector and any speaker cable using a Seismic Audio connector can be linked with Speakons from other manufacturers, including Neutrik. Seismic Audio speaker cable adapters are also 100% Neutrik compatible.

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